Finished doing a Photoshoot with Andre King. The Photoshoot features some of his favorite pieces from our line, like the marvelous life snapbacks and NI$E tee. Can’t wait for more Photoshoot from him. Follow the stylist/model/fashion guru at @andrekingbrand on twitter and Instagram

The Kicknetics boutique is a good retailer of ours, and we decided to stop by last saturday to check out the store. At the store you can buy a variety of sneakers, hats, socks, tees, tanks, and accessories. When you walk into the shop you can feel the positive vibes.  The store setup is super dope and all the employees there are really polite and down to earth and always willing to help you. Kicknetics also does a great job catering to men, women, and children. In the pictures you can see some of the items that are currently in the boutique; our black/white NISE snapback, custom forest/camo camper hats, and our BEY Tank top.  If you are ever in the Westchester area, don’t hesitate to stop by and ask them about Atslopes Clothing. The boutique is located at 184 Martine Ave, White Plains, NY 10601. STORE NUMBER: (914) 368-8319