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Client/ Commercial Work
*Skittles--Chocolate Skittles -- is a bag filled with s'mores, vanilla, chocolate caramel, chocolate pudding and brownie batter Skittles, in various shades of cream and brown. Chocolate the rainbow!! Taste the Rainbow!
Role: Animation /Creative | Agency: Grey Interactive
Banner 1-- 300x250 | Banner 2-- 728x90 | Boards/Concept

*Microsoft Livederby 2007-- is an online game encouraging people to tear round the streets of London, Seattle, Vegas, San Francisco and New York and designed to o promote Microsoft's online mapping service.
Role: Animation /Creative | Agency: EVB
Launch Site | Animation 1 | Screen 1 | Screen 2

*Pepsi-- Pepsi Supercan-- 300 diamonds, 100 sapphires and 100 rubies - and Super bowl Tickets for Life!
Role: Art Direction | Agency: Tracy Locke
Launch Site | Screen 1 |

*Nike-- NikeID -- is a premium, e-commerce,experience that for the first time unites the iD brand globally. Consumers can custom-design, personalize and purchase footwear and gear from a blank canvas or a preconfigured design for inspiration. This experience also invited consumers to use their mobile phones to design a NIKE shoe live on the 23-story Reuters sign in Times Square.
Role: Designer/Creative | Agency: R/GA
Launch Site | Flash 1 | Screen 1 | Reuters Sign 1 | Reuters Sign 2 |

*Nike-- Nikewomen.com--a dynamic, premium boutique experience balancing product and fitness content to inspire and support the needs of today’s active women. Additionally, the elegant presentation of products gives consumers the feeling they’re shopping in an online boutique shop.
Role: Designer/Animator/Creative | Agency: R/GA
Launch Site | Animation 1 | Screen 1 | Screen 2 | Screen 3|

*Nike-- Serena |AIM Expression-- was used promote Serena Williams’ signature collection from the Australian Open. Featured under “Shop,” users can explore Serena’s collection, learn about the designs behind her trend-setting outfits and buy it online for the first time. The AIM application also features Serena-specific emoticans (icon expressions) and simple, fun pong game.
Role: Designer/Animator/Creative | Agency: R/GA
Flash 1 | Screen 1 | Screen 2 |

*Lowes-- INSPIRATIONLIVESATLOWES.com Microsite --Ideas are all around. See what inspires your home improvement.
Role: Flash Coding/Layout/Creative | Agency: R/GA
Launch Site| Animation 1| Screen 1 | Screen 2 | Screen 3 |

*Atari--Game Banners -- "Centipede" is in the top 10% of characters in terms of appeal. It was slim pickings back in 1984 as who could really love 8 pixels or this friendly cabinet decal. Personally I was a Nintendo fan myself.
Role: Art Direction | Agency: Euro RSCG
Quicktime: Flash 1 | Screen 1 | Concept/Sketech|

*Dominos--"Anythinggoesdeal" microsite-- included viral videos which led up to a giveaway of $250,000 in merchandise for $9.99. The anythinggoesdeal website led viewers to an eBay page where they could enter contests to win the items.
Role: Art Direction | Agency: JWT
Screen 1 | Banner Concepting |

*Semi-Permanent 2007--Urban Cowboys -- The SP book is given free to the audience at Semi-Permanent and is also sold at the event and distributed throughout New Zealand. It has taken a number of different shapes and sizes but always kept it's common purpose of inspiring people by showcasing amazing artwork. Work in the SP book is either by invitation or by submission.
Role: Illustration | Client: Semi-Permanent
Illustration 1 |Book 1 |

*Breed Magazine--NY Knicks -- covers art and ideas quarterly. With the appearance of a print magazine, presenting online page magazine.
Role: Illustration | Client: Semi-Permanent
Spread 1 | Illustration 1 | Illustration 2 |

*TenBills T-shirts --1988 --fresh looking t-shirts for $10. You can't beat that!!
Role: Illustration | Client: Semi-Permanent

*SC Johnson--Holiday E-card--captivated holiday shoppers and spurred them to send to a friend or loved one to spread the joy. My job as a designer/animator was to animate, code anf design a fun, quirky and rich ecard experience.
Agency: Flash Coding/ Animation /Creative | Agency: R/GA
Animation 1 | Screen 1 | Screen 2 | Screen 3 |

*Target/Pixar--Presentation -- brings to life the Academy Award-winning computer-animated film.
Role: Animation/ Flash Coding/ Design / Creative | Agency: R/GA
Animation 1 | Screen 1 | Screen 2 | Screen 3 | Screen 4 |

*Target--Designforall -- Microsite --provides an experiential extension of Target's Design for All offline campaign, which emphasized the retailer's continual commitment to well-designed everyday products and its outstanding designers.
Role: Animation / Design / Illustration / Creative | Agency: R/GA
Launch Site | Flash Banner 1 | Illustration 1 | Illustration 2 | | Illustration 3 |

Personal Projects

*Animations-Agency | Complex Valentines | Kobe | Lugz | Mr.T "Clubber Lang" | Mcdonalds | NYC | Reel 2005 | Zoo York |

*Static-AND 1 | Beautiful | Metrocards | Nike Air | NYC Monsters | Oregon Monsters | Rainy | 1980's | Vol 1 | Vol 2 |


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